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| Visiting Pilots |

To book an airplane, follow these simple steps:

  1. To see what is available, visit ScheduleMasterTM and use visitor name 89819 and password 422290. Log in using this information to see the schedule (but you will be unable to schedule aircraft).  Moore Air Members: Please use the ScheduleMaster direct site with your personal log-in information.
  2. Determine whether an airplane for which you are qualified is available. For details on minimum qualifications for each aircraft, refer to the list of our fleet in The Club. NOTE: Unfortunately, the Beech B95 TravelAir is not available for solo rental.
  3. Email or call us with your request to "hold" the airplane for the desired period.
  4. After communicating with a Moore Air employee, mail (a) your deposit (will vary on amount due to airplane and rental length), (b) copies of your pilot and medical certificates and (c) summary of total time, time in type, and flight review date to Moore Air, 90 Nakolo Place, Suite 24, Honolulu, HI 96819. Upon arrival to Honolulu, our instructors will perform a checkout and brief you on flying in Hawaii.

Please note that if you are a visiting pilot and wish to fly "dual" with an instructor, no application, deposit, or checkout flight is necessary, and the club member rates will apply for your flight.

Be sure to ask for our special report on "Flying in Hawaii."

To Our Foreign Pilot Friends

C172 sunsetAs result of the many governmental changes that occurred following September 11 2001, the FAA stopped issuing walk-in foreign pilots U.S. pilot certificates based upon their foreign licenses. Any foreign pilot wanting to get a U.S. FAA Pilot Certificate based upon their foreign license must submit the following at least 60 days in advance to the FAA: FAA Verification of Authenticity or a letter with copies of the required items attached (foreign pilot license and medical and driver's license -- English translations, if needed), statements that the license is not suspended or revoked, name of FSDO where the person is going to get the U.S. FAA Pilot Certificate (Honolulu FSDO, 135 Nakolo Place, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819) and other common sense items. The application or letter is mailed to the FAA, Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760, POB 25082, Oklahoma, OK 73125. Call or email with any questions. If you are a holder of a foreign ATP from a ICAO country and would like to get a FAA ATP and meet the requirements, contact us to arrange for a written test and a flight check.

If you are interested in receiving flight training for a pilot certificate, you must have us sponsor an M-1 visa for you and you must also submit it to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for review. The current price for processing a Form I-20 is $100.00 to Moore Air (the fee is nonrefundable and non-transferable), approximately $100.00 to SEVIS, and approximately $130.00 to TSA to cover finger printing and their processing. Current interpretation by TSA is that all foreign persons wanting a Sport, Recreational, Private, Instrument, or Multi-Engine Pilot certificate must submit to a TSA for review. Moore Air is authorized to issue the non-immigrant the I-20 Form for the M-1 visa for Private, Instrument, Commercial, and Professional CFI courses.

Please (1) if you are interested and (2) fill out and fax us the Moore Air SEVIS Application for I-20 Form for foreign pilot training.