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Moore Air Training CenterWe are very proud of our Flight Training Center. The training curriculum is carefully designed to get the student pilot to his or her rating as quickly and professionally as possible with minimum resources expended by the student without compromising safety or learning. We integrate our lessons using accepted industry practices and procedures like CRM and checklist usage. Our instructors are top-notch, often coming from the cockpits of commercial aviation. Two of our instructors were presented the "Outstanding Certified Flight Instructor of the Year" Award by the Federal Aviation Administration in Hawaii. Another instructor was recognized as the "Outstanding Aviation Safety Counselor of the Year for Hawaii and the Western FAA District."

Moore Air is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved FAR Part 141 flight school (#0RS686K) and a Veteran Administration (VA) approved school (#25109164). The Jeppesen Discovery Series instructional courses are utilized for FAR Part 141 instruction. We also teach using FAR Part 61 practices when applicable or desired. For details between FAR Part 141 and Part 61 instruction, please call us at the office or email us.

Moore Air can provide instruction for:

    Classroom Training
  • Private Pilot - Airplane, Single and Multi-Engine Land
  • Instrument Rating - Airplane
  • Commercial Pilot - Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land
  • Certified Flight Instructor - Airplane Single, Multi, Instrument
  • Commercial Pilot - Airplane Single- or Multi-Engine Class Add-On
  • Commercial Pilot - Airplane Single- or Multi-Engine Category Transition w/Instrument Rating

Take a Discovery Flight With Us!

Moore Air offers one-time introductory flights (as found at PilotJourney.com, among other services) for those who want to experience the thrill of flight before starting their formal training. Call us for details and to schedule one today!

Ground Schools

Various classroom-based ground schools such as Private Pilot or the Instrument Rating are offered at low cost. They provide an opportunity to excel in knowledge test performance as well as supplement already-acquired aviation skills.  Start dates vary according to enrollment, so please stop by our office to inquire about the next scheduled class. They are conveniently held in the evenings to accommodate those with busy daytime schedules.

Testing CenterCATS Testing Center

Moore Air is an official Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) location. In addition to administering FAA examinations, other Comira exams including FCC, Chiropractor, LDP, NETA, FSDLE, NVRA, and RPA can also be accommodated. To schedule an examination with us, please call CATS at 1-800-947-4228. Appointments are preferred; walk-ins accepted.


See the important notes for foreign pilots on our Visiting Pilots page.

Korean & Japanese Students:

Please contact our Korean/Japanese liason, Ms. Jackie Doiguchi, at +1-808-295-3882 or feel free to email her at your leisure.

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